class AutoFieldMeta

from django.db.models.fields import AutoFieldMeta
Metaclass to maintain backward inheritance compatibility for AutoField.

It is intended that AutoFieldMixin become public API when it is possible to
create a non-integer automatically-generated field using column defaults
stored in the database.

In many areas Django also relies on using isinstance() to check for an
automatically-generated field as a subclass of AutoField. A new flag needs
to be implemented on Field to be used instead.

When these issues have been addressed, this metaclass could be used to
deprecate inheritance from AutoField and use of isinstance() with AutoField
for detecting automatically-generated fields.

Ancestors (MRO)

  1. builtins.object
  2. builtins.type
  3. django.db.models.fields.AutoFieldMeta
def mro(self)
Return a type's method resolution order.